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TO: All Beaver Creek Owners
FROM: Executive Board
DATE: September 2, 2016
RE: Condominium Reminders


Please review the following reminders which have been generated by the Board
as a result of concerns expressed by members of our community.

Owners Who Rent

All owners who rent their units must provide a copy of the lease agreement to Management that includes the tenant contact information and vehicle license
plate number. The lease must be one approved for use by the Association,
and all Unit Owners who rent their Units [or whose family member(s) reside
in the Unit] must send a copy of the executed lease to the Property Manager
within 30 days of the date occupant(s) move in. If that is not done, the Owner
is in violation and subject to a $25.00 fine. In addition to the $25.00 fine, and
after a 10-day notice, an additional $10.00 per day fine shall be imposed on the
Owner for copies of leases still not received. 


Owners are reminded that tenants at Beaver Creek are not allowed to have dogs.
Owners’ who have tenants with dogs are subject to the following fine schedule:

a. Once a notification is made of an infraction, if correction is not made within
ten [10] days and/or the infraction is repeated, the initial fine is twenty-five
dollars [$25.00].  A second violation of the same regulation will result in the
Unit Owner being fined fifty dollars [$50.00].  A third offense of one hundred
dollars [$100.00] and a fourth offense of two hundred dollars [$200.00].

All dog owners must show proof of proper town licensing of the animal by
Monday, October 3, 2016, along with the proof of shots being up to date.
Failure to produce this documentation (either by mail or email to R&E) will
result in fines which will be imposed beginning on Monday, October 10, 2016
for violation of Association Rules.  Dog owners are also reminded that they are
to clean up after their animals. The occurrence of dog feces on the grounds of
the Association has been noted by multiple owners/renters.


All owners and tenants are further reminded that each unit has two designated
parking spots and two cars per unit are allowed to park on Beaver Creek
property.  If you wish to have a third car, please send your request to the Board
of Directors for approval.  A $100 annual fee will be assessed against the owner
s account, and the Board will identify where the third vehicle will park. 
The fee is to be paid in full for 1 year prior to bringing the vehicle on the
property. The Board will issue an agreement to be signed by the unit owner
and vehicle owner (if different).  Any violations of the agreement will result in
a $25.00 fine to the owner of the unit.  Please remember that cars which are
not moved for snow plowing will be towed at the unit owners expense.

1. Unit Owners’ vehicles must be parked in that Unit Owner’s designated parking
space or an unnumbered space. At no time should a vehicle be parked in
another Unit Owner’s designated parking space without that Unit Owner’s
permission.  Except for temporary guests, there shall be no more than two
vehicles per Unit parked on the premises.

Insurance Information
If you need insurance information for your mortgage company or any other
reason, please contact the Association insurance agent, Sevigney-Lyons at
207-646-8388.  We have been getting many inquiries regarding our flood
insurance.  The Association property has been re-evaluated and it’s been
determined some areas are not in the flood zone.  Cancellation and refund of
premiums is pending, so the Association still carries flood insurance.

The current Beaver Creek Rules and Regulations are available in the Assoc. Documents section in this website. 
Thank you for your attention to these matters.

R & E Associates
Beaver Creek Board of Directors

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